Bringing DnB to the BearFam - Again

I recently did another little a mix for Techno and House outfit BearFam. Tried to represent as well as possible.

For this mix I tried to stay true to some of the more Bass orientated mixes I’ve had the pleasure of listening to from BearFam, added a sprinkle of focus on some of the tracks that have featured strongly on and tried to tailor into a journey. It’s a simple journey, progressing from a steady cold ‘winter’ climate gradually speeding up and with it warming. Hope there’s something in there that picks your ears up.

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Mixcloud -

Kimyan Law / We are fish
Fracture feat Dawn Day Night / Sick wid it
Blu Mar Ten / Night Shift (Future Sound of London Remix)
Boards of Canada / Bocum
Survival / All The Same (feat Christina Nicola)
Blu Mar Ten / In Your Eyes (Ulterior Motive remix)
Om Unit / Timelimes
Stray / LA Zoom
Om Unit and Sam Binga / Onionz
Fracture feat Dawn Day Night / Get Busy
Submorphics / Organ Grinder (Calibre Remix)
Shempha / Too Much (SpectrSoul Remix)
Need For Mirrors / Sacred Heart
Skeptical feat Collette Warren / Desire
Survivial and SCAR / ???