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Right then...

debate time....

dont get me wrong i love it to death but.....Is dnb in danger of slipping up its own arse?

The reason i say this is becasue it seems to be getting increasingly (prepare yourselves....) geeky! (sorry bout the shite terminology)

:slick: -hmmmm.


We need more girls in dnb...SERIUOSLY! Go to any good hip hop night and it is filled with 'em, this encourages the guys to get darn and genrally crates a party vibe in the venue. The problem with dnb (in general), is that people spend too much time worrying about the theories of dnb and who did that remix they just heard whilst standing at the back of the floor rather than getting down n dirty on the floor! Its a party you paid a tenner to get in so drink loads smoke loads and get darn you bastard!

It is a personal gripe of mine, and a cause i will continue to serve! Bring the party vibe back.

Also here is another gripe I want to see longer more mixed up sets. I dont wanna go to a night and here 4 one hour long sets with the same dark tunes, or liquid or whatever, i want to see it all mixed together properly.
That is my gripe no. 2.

these things i would like changed...thanks.

anyone feel the same....have i got a i talking shite?

who knows!????
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totally agree on the mixed up sets man! a lot of my mixes have a real slide in them in terms of what genre they are, they roll from liquid all the way to the dirtiest shit i've got!

and yah, ur right about the party vibe goin from the scene, i mean, if u go to THIS! at rumba on a monday nite, u will have a quality time as long as u let urself go and get down to the music being played. dnb needs the same.


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There's too much segregation in drum n' bass, people say this form of dnb is cool and that form of dnb is crap, and I think that is why a lot of people are losing touch with what dnb is about. People might like a certain tune in an unpopular subgenre of dnb but don't mention it because its 'uncool', because of this the music is getting studed instead of enjoyed. If people forgot about trends and got loose it would improve the scene so much more.

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:word: I think a big problem (if u wana call it a problem) esp down here in Kent, is that the scene is full of DJs & not enuff people who just enjoy the music. The nights I DJ at are jus full of the MCs & us DJs & not many other people.
Yeah the scene is gettin kinda nerdy, but thats the way it is. Ur bound to get all us 'nerds' in a scene overrun with promos & us wanting to know what tunes are called. That doesnt stop me from ravin like fook tho hehe!

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The ladies thing is an interesting one, I reckon that half the reason that you don't get a lot of ladies to some nights is the attitude of the blokes who go to them. If I go to Fabric with the missus and a few of her mates I spent half the night telling annoying battered teenage virgins to fuck off and leave them alone. She went on there on her own with a couple of girlfriends on friday and said it was much worse when they were on their own. Girls hate that sort of shit when they just want to go out and have a dance. I reckon this puts a lot of ladies off, especially for the bigger nights with more idiots / pillheads etc, but if you go to a night with less idiots there's always more women.