Bring back Pure Science @ ATOMICS!!


Just say no to dubstep!
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Did anyone else ever have the pleasure of enjoying nights at Atomics in Maidstone?

Some of my earliest raving memories are from that place where week in week out top djs and mcs were smashing it before heading on into London for their next set.

I for one was well gutted when it shut down. I loved it how you could pick and choose which weeks you went and you knew pretty much what you were going to get. I remember Jungle Fever nights, Warning and nu breed nights were always blinding. Saw some mental sights and heard some quality sounds like the first time Andy C properly rinsed Body Rock or the Jungle Fever nights when Skiba, Det, Shabba & IC3 were there all night B2B2B2B!!

Come on Jim, open up something like this again!!