Brillo & Natural Mystic - 'Future Tech/No Entry/' (L-Plates)


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Mar 21, 2002
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'Future Tech/No Entry' - Natural Mystic & Brillo (L-Plates)

You hardly even have to bother listening to L-Plates releases now, you might as well just buy them on sight, judging by their consistently excellent back catalogue. Here, label boss Brillo gets together with his old mate Digital, donning his Natural Mystic guise, for a steppy little roller thats bound to have been cained at a dancefloor near you.
First off, the stomping 'Future Tech' starts things nicely with some haunting samples laid bare over filtered amens, that keep fading into the background before finally hitting at full blast. An old skool science fiction sample fades in from the breakdown, talking about the future of mankind, giving you a hint as to what the atmosphere of the tune is like! When the drop comes, a rumbling bassline accompanies the main hook, which are all propped up by those heavy amens, giving the tune a distinctly industrial flava. From here on the tune is all techy samples and 'Lets Go!' vox, keeping the atmosphere rollin, as seems to be the policy on all L-Plates releases.
'No Entry' on the other side is a far nastier affair, getting underway with standard Digital breaks and humming bassline smoothing things out for whats about to drop! If you've heard Digital's 'Ghost Town', or maybe his remix of Loxy and Inks 'Nightmare', then you'll know what sort of old skool vibe this tunes got runnin, which'll no doubt excite Mr 1992! Plodding chords keep things dark, while his steppy breaks keep things interesting, constantly being edit and filtered. Altogether a nice little 12", both tunes being solid enough and seeming to get a good reaction when played out. Definately one Id recommend if your a fan of the Digital/Timeless sound.
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