Brighton: Resonance @ The Jazz Place- Slaughter Mob/ Clandestine

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    SLAUGHTER MOB>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Very special guests for Resonance. Formed in 1995, brought together by a shared love of the darker side of UK garage, Slaughter Mob are made up of DJ Bandit, DJ Gritty, MC Vicious and MC Dangerous. Having spent years doing the rounds on Y2Kfm, formerly Mission FM and playing in various venues such as Mass, Bagley’s, Stratford Rex, Koko and more recently Plastic People they have now developed their inimitable skills to produce their unique sound. Spending time in the studio has enabled them to learn and develop the skills needed to produce tracks as a collective and individually – you only have to listen to Gritty’s “Step Off”, Vicious and Bandit’s “Strange Tension” or Dangerous’s “Murda” to get a taste of what these bass-heads are capable off.
    Now residents at the monthly FWD>> night at Plastic People, they've found a home to bring the dastardly S.L.T. sound. A guaranteed show-stopper, rolling dub after dub and never afraid to re-load, they are pure entertainment and pure vibes.

    DOM B2B UNLIKELY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    12-1 coming courtesy of the dub pressure boys. A welcome return for Unlikely with a debut set at Resonance for Dom. Expect a bit of uk funky/ old skool garage/dubstep and pure rolling vibes.


    Big selections coming in from jungle don mr Redford. Proper classics set for the end of the night.Sure to be a belter!


    A first for Resonance here with a minimal house set provided by Ministere of Plymouth's DanceDanceDance contingent. Tasty little warm up set here from a dj we will be seeing a lot more of in future months.


    As always, resident Kitch spinning in the first hour for us. Reggae, funk, hip hop, soul, acid jazz and anything else he can get his mitts on

    The Jazz Place, 10 ship street, Brighton, Bn1 1oa