Brew presents - DJ Scotch Egg, Chops, Nope - Leeds, 28/11


Saturday 28th November – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds

DJ Scotch Egg:

Brighton noise musician and promoter Shiez 2000 was kept busy for many years with circuit bending Casio keyboards and pouring drinks for his next door neighbour SHITMAT. Not long ago he was contacted by a manufacturer of microwaveable delicacies (who shall remain nameless) needing some underground noise music credibility for their latest range. However, overindulgence in the heavily treated foreign foodstuff left Mr. 2000 with a bad attitude and much excess aggression. Concerned, ADAADAT's resident music therapist encouraged him to channel this negativity into live performance. DJ SCOTCH EGG was born.

He is not a DJ, he is definitely not Scottish, and probably not an egg.


Fully awesome.

"CHOPS are a wild, damaged-dance band, who leapt from the cauldron of Leeds' ever-evolving DIY musical stew and hit the ground running in 2007, hellbent on perfecting their spontaneous combustion of jazzoid excess and lock-popping party bombs” – Upset the rhythm


NOPE is a band featuring a rotating cast of musicians which will almost certainly feature one or all of Leeds and Bradford based noisy-duos That Fucking Tank and Mucky Sailor a Cowtown and a Monty Casino. We play psychedelic jammed out Kraut-ishrock that people have likened to Stereolab, Spacemen 3, Neu!, Paradise Lost, Television and Santana.

In 2009 NOPE surprised lots of Europeans by being the last song in That Fucking Tank's set on their tour of Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. From this experience we learnt that our performances might go down better if you have chonged one off. We, however, are not very psychedelic people.

Doors 7.30pm. £6adv Buy tickets direct from us with no booking fee xx

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