brentston - It's been a while (angry jump-up)


Dec 20, 2007
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brentston - It's been a while

Sly and Pacso - Gilgamesh
Original sin - Dont't be silly
Zen - Shoot em up
Hazard - Trouble maker
Soulrpride - Tight pussy gal
Heist - Book 'em
Hazard and distorted minds - Ho bass
Optimist - High Volume
Heist - Ambush
Pleasure - Flesh eaters
Hazard - Skankers
Taxman - Don't understand rmx
Recluse - Unexplained
Heist - Can't take away
Jnr blue - Action man
Heist - Go to work vip
Pleasure - Killing curse
Zen - Full effect
TC - Old texaco garage VIP
Malfoy - SLytherin
Heist - Gynorg
Dj complex - Decisions
DOuble zero - Flip da script
Shimah - Commando elite
Dub Foundation - Deceptions
Pa - Ill
Ego trippin - Deathwish
LSB - Lower ground
Pleasure - The dagger


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Nov 16, 2008
Soulrpride - Tight pussy gal... sick tune!!!
love full effect to
sick tunes bein a jump up head myself ! not a bad mix although i think the gains were a bit off!
keep at it mate
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