DnB Breathtaking - Deep and Soul mix for evening and high times!


Feb 16, 2016

Next jurney will be in deep and dark vibrations, we have listened this in "high" emotions ;) Enjoy!


Halogenix - Her Waves
Hyroglifics - Hanging On You
Ivy Lab & Hydro - Make it Clear
Etherwood - We're Nothing Without Love SPY
Halogenix - All Blue
Shades - Cryptic
New Blood - Worries in The Dance (IVY LAB)
Halogenix - Beyond The Bounds
Enei - Runnin
Royalston - Popular Machines
Spectrasoul - Away With Me
Banks - Fuck With Myself (IVY LAB)
LSB - Loop of Love
Camo & Krooked - Ruhepulse
Bensley - Fandango
Hybrid Minds - Never Change
Spectrasoul - Glimpse
Ivy Lab - Live on Your Smile
Ivy Lab - Oblique
Enei - Just One Look
Ivy Lab - 20 Questions
Halogenix - Clich
Technimatic - Better Perspective
Technimatic - Out of Reach


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May 18, 2009
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ok ok ok the first bit was proper sweet and sexual, but then Shades - Cryptic ruined your flow man !!
Big tune, wrongly placed along with the next one..
Beyond All Bounds is my favourite tune, I play it every set pretty much, so now we rollin again, nicely switched into Runnin, nearly doubled but just not tight enough
And another switch into Popular Machines, so you not comfortable with two tunes together atm ???
As it progressed it did get better..
Your selection is on point most your blends are good and generally a nice mix
Just need to tighten up abit mix the tunes abit more and youll be sweet, look forward to next one ;)


Feb 16, 2016
Jeeez, Danny :P
Thanks for the tips! And ye, was hard to switch Shades in to the something else... But! It was so "omg" listening it and smoking with friends :D
Im comfortable with two even three tunes at the same time, but in this? Just Popular Machines :D
Checking new tracks and will back with another one!
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