Breathing life into the highs. please help


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So after a few years of training my ears, I'm starting to notice the details. ONE of which is, when I compress the master to glue it all in place, i notice i lose energy in the highs. well not energy as much as breathy space. it feels tight. mono, and. . . . well, compressed. all of my panning work done in mix down, goes to shit. then eqing after slightly to bring up the high shelf obviously sounds like shit because now I'm bringing up the compressed surgical frequencies that I worked so hard to find and cut in the mix down.

is this where mid/side compression something I should get a grasp on? I never use mid/side compression because i feel like compressing the sides is not a great idea. But thats just lack of knowledge.

Is mid/side compression, NOT even the answer here? am I over analyzing?

Is this more of a fix with multi band compression, leaving the highs alone, or barely showing gain reduction?

I could figure it out eventually, but I KNOW theres a right way to do deal with this and id rather spend time on music, than fiddle fucking with this any longer haha. thanks.


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use an exciter for the highs and m/s EQ to clean the sides up.

that being said ive never had issues with the tops on the master channel, if anything compression makes more smooth and sparkly


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I think, but am not sure, that when you use the master compressor the needle or whatever should not really move all that much try setting your threshold all the way down 0 and slowly start pulling it up. This is what I do in reason and noticed that it made the mix loud and clear and gave everything a kind of cohesion. To be honest thought I know the first thing about mastering.