breakz DiStORtIon


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Jan 20, 2003
This ones for the headz cos i've posted this question before and no one
seems to know the answer.
Basically what i want to know is how does everyone out there get that tech-step distorted sound on their beats. I've dryed various methods of distroting my breaks-different plug-ins and software but to know avail-it just sounds wrong!
At the moment the only option that's availble is to sample pre-distorted breaks-oh the shame!


Im clueless :-/

Hopefully M-Code, logikz an ting will see this thread :)
if you're purely software based this can be tricky, as software distortion can't emulate the kind of warm distortion i think you're reffering to. The best way to do this is to get yourself a nice valve compressor, and crank up that input gain :slayer:

There are various software plugins that try to get the same sound, with varying degrees of success. Try Ohmforce Predatohm, Ruby Tube, and T-Racks.

There is another method of distortion which ive never tried personally but im told can give you some good results. Basically you record your sample, normalise it, change the gain by say, -60db, normalise it again, -60db, normalise, repeat as necessary etc. It's called noise-floor distortion and im not sure exactly how it sounds but it might be worth a try.

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ehhhh, how exactly? adding reverb to a break gets it all muddy an that. i thinks.

adding reverb to a break can be really cool with the right settings. Try adding some with a really short decay time (<0.5sec), and room size to teeny tiny. Can sound wicked, ive heard Digital and Ray Keith use this technique more then a few times :slayer:

But yeh, it's got fuck all to do with breakz distortion
Yez. I agree wit wot Affliction sed. software really can't produce the same kind of kool effects dat u can get wit analogue kit. Another thing is that turntablists have found this cool thing where u plug your decks through 2 mixers and if you fiddle about with them apparently you can get sum really crazy reverb etc. effects. But it beats me how they do it cos I couldn't!!!! :spliff:
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