Breakthrough Competition Mix

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    Ez all, my entry for the Breakthrough competition, only allocated twenty minutes for this one so tried to cram in as much as I could with the time given, very pleased with the outcome as I've tried to cover a lot of bases with this one.


    Subfocus- Let The Story Begin
    Audio- Combust
    >>>Sam Binga- Lef Dem (Enei Remix)
    Black Sun Empire- Until The World Ends
    >>>Misanthrop- Viperfish
    Gridlok & Hive- Standing Room Only
    Calyx & Teebee- A Day That Never Comes
    Neonlight & Wintermute- Insomnia
    Chase & Status- Blind Faith (Loadstar Remix)
    Krakota- Ghosts
    >>>Origin Unknown- Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)
    Friction & Technimatic- Floating Frames
    >>>Levela- Get Noisy (Jaydan Remix)
    The Prototypes- Pop It Off Feat. Mad Hed City
    >>>June Miller- Bad Brains

    Any feedback is welcome, please share and check out any of my other mixes if you're feeling this one!