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    DEF Inc “Loaded With Dynamite/Uni of Dub” Botchit Breaks
    The A-side samples “the License”- a classic jungle track. The “Don ya av a license fe play this” is warped up and used to great effect. The party vibe is full effect with a buzzing bass, horn stabs and plenty of build ups. A funky roller if ever you heard one. “Uni of Dub” is the flip, imagine a trance style bassline, but with easygoing dub vocals and sound effects. You’re probably about half way there. Just add funky breakbeats and you’re close.

    Freefall Collective “Kermit’s Crafty Coconut/Loosen Up” on Resin Records
    Nice Title! This new talent is in fact a five-piece band, but that is behind the point. This is absolutely running it red! Mc Manic spits crisp lyrics over bubbling bass. Oh Gosh! “Loosen Up” gives a nod to the legendary JB (RIP). Funky guitars and shuffling breaks rock under the smooth back to back MC talents of Jim Elliot, Kylie Earl and Manic. Proper party rockers!

    Move Ya & Steve Lavers “Jack Track/We Rude” Audio Bug Records
    “Jack Track” is a classic slab of acid funk breakbeat! Or something like that. It’s a prime time party track, with a “jack me High, Jack me Low” vocal sample. Big bongos, huge subs, squelchy acidic analogue blob sounds, its all there.
    “We Rude” if you like the party break vibe, but long for a touch of the brutal bass, this will satisfy your lust. The sub is a proper rude bwoy bass. Add the odd ragga vocal, and this hits the spot.

    NAPT “Get Back feat. Skibadee/Feelin Fight” on Sub Frequency Funk
    A floaty intro soon gives way to some proper high octane action. Skibadee on the M.I.C. Clever beat trickery builds up into a mad rinse. The simplistic rhythms are aimed straight at the dancefloor, and the precise lyrics do the rest. Big Tune. “Feelin Right” is one of those twisted up but anthemic numbers.

    Dan F & Jariten “Halo” Sound of Habib
    This is the 25th release for this label. Seems like only yesterday that I was hearing the first one, but there ya go. To celebrate, they’ve got Dopamine, Backdraft, Hi 8, and Neztic to add their own version to the melting pot. Definitely some killer cuts to be found here.