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Future Funk Squad “Towards the Sun” Remixes Part I & Part II on Default
Following on from their massive LP “Audio Damage” the FFS have got a host of Breaks gurus to remix this smasher. Part 1 is courtesy of Evil Nine a heavy stomping version. On the reverse R3volve keeps the anthemic vocal. A house oriented bass twists out as this progresses. Big remix.
PartII (Sold separately, may require assembly) Sees Hybrid add their mark. A more expansive trance out intro, and more warped basslines. A nice four to the floor intro too. The final version is from Paul Woolford, who has gone for a minmalistic underground approach. Whichever mix you prefer you had better track this down.

Atomic Hooligan “you Are Here Remixes Pt2” Botchit & Scarper
Aquasky get their hands on “Wait until You’re Sleeping”. They beef it up into a big stepping style. Its simple, but the use of crazy sound effects make this extra beefy. Good work. The Hooligans get another shot at “Inside Out” too, adding an electric bass they make this punkish. Nice rework, wait for the acidic drop.

ILS Vs. The Who “Baba o Riley” on Distinctive
The original was a huge track, even before a certain Detective show brought the Who’s music to the fore again. This remix is quite something though. Retaining the electrifying vibe of the original, but adding this generation’s breaks madness to the melting pot. Certainly memorable. The flip is “Sax Track” a dancefloor smasher.

General Midi “Never Gonna Stop The Show “ (Remixes Pt1 & 2) Distinctive
Another massive set of remixes from some bad producers. Again you will be hard pushed to find your favourite mix of this big bad track. With mixes from Midi, Dylan Rymes, and the Autobots Ska mix, there is plenty of variety to choose from. Also Midi remixes “Apollo” on the remixes pt 2.

Shodan vs. Miss trouble “Haunted Love” Funkatech
Easy records’s D7B badbwoy drops the tempo but not the pressure. The resulting mayhem is amongst some of the finest breaks I have heard in a while. Call me biased if you will, but that wobbling sub sounds great, and the drums are lashing.

Deekline & Wizard feat Top Cat “Special Dedication” on Rat Records
All that needs to be said is that this is a Ruffneck dubwise Speaker worrier. Mad vibes.
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