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Hardy Hard & Lady Waks ft. Mr X “Minimal orginal/Rouge Element rmx ” Menu
This electro tinged party bumper is made by an international team. Hardy Hard is from Germany,Lady Waxs is from Russia, and Mr.X (aka Afrika Islam, son of Afrika Bambataa) is American. “Minimal” is a humourous pop at all the chin stroking button pushers who make boring minimal music. Hardy Hard is a techno legend in Germany and has remixed Moby and Yello amongst others. The remix is just a good.

Breakfastaz feat Ivory “Girls,Money,Drink & Drugs” With a whole load of mixes to choose from, this heavy little rub is bound to have something for you. The almost punkish subject matter is dealt with by Ivory’s skillfull lyrics. A heavy bumping bass and crazy sound effects keep th first mix rolling. The Devils Gun remix is astrange rock guitar and techno elctro hybrid.

DJ Mutiny “Soul Runner ( B/w Superstyle Deluxe Rmx)” Botchit Breaks
This is one of those stand out tracks. It must have fell together just nice, and it shows. Warm swells of synth pad merge with R&B style vocals. A simple plucked guitar adds to the funky element The big bouncing bass and simple beats roll just right. Nice scratching too. Love this track. The Superstyle Deluxe remix picks up on the Hip Hop slant with the scratching, and turns this into a thumper. A chorused 3D style acid line, and beefed up bass go with the funky guitars and stabs of the original. Bombastic.

Specimin A “Dirty Disco/Push the Pin” Funkatech
High Wycombe’s Specimin A hits the nail on the head again.
Dirty disco really does fit its name. Filthy beats crack out with sleazy melodies. Its Buck Rogers stylee P funk except with more sleaze than Stringfellow himself. Dirty Buggers. This is definitely a party track. Stinking electro bassline, full of good time flavour. “Pop the Pin “ is a darker affair. The build up is laced with doom laden guitars and wailing vocals ( or was it the other way around ?) . A big breakdown builds the expectancy of a smasher. You won’t be disappointed. Heavy rinser.

Jape “Floating” Marine Parade
Imagine Irish Folk music getting taken up to date. It might not sound convincing, but it works pretty well. With modern lyrical content, its free and wild. This may be a modern classic, or it might get passed on by, but I somehow doubt it. Described as electronic blues on the promo blurb, I'’ say that was a fair description. I reckon it’s a nice track. With several remixes, there are a few more dancefloor aimed track. The Prins Thoms discomiks, ( disco-miks…geddit??? ) is a more mellow dancefloor thing, whilst Alex Metric gets on the Electro tip, which is the in thing, and does a bloody good job. The Son Green version is on the downtempo side of things.