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Eddie TM “Dance Rocks “ LP Sampler on Botchit & Scarper
I think this is the tenth year for Botchit, so how better to continue than with something fresh !! Breaks gods Deekline & Wizard provide the first Lick on the 12”; the hip hop tinted rumbler “woah”. It’s a heavy bubbler, rock guitars and Eastern instrumentalism add to the appeal. There is a surprising little track for you, a remix of Snow Patrol’s “Wow”- its been smoothly done, catching the vocal, and guitars, but adding the dancefloor drive it needs. A nice crossover. On the limited edition 7” Stone Lions bring a distoreted guitar driven punk rocking number. In fact it hasn’t got any beats, so it really is quite different.

Chris Carter & Fine Cut Bodies “Frogmarch” Rec Records
Anyone who has been to a bona fide breaks night will know all about this kind of 4/4 flavour. Neither Breaks, House nor techno, but somewhere very fat, in the middle. This track is no exception. Minimal bleep based rumblings that will get the floor moving. The dub version, has been stripped back, and built back up again to new levels of insanity. Defiantly marching beats!