BREAKS Singles JAN 08


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Roxiller “Roxiller Must Die/Last Rites” on Rec
Roxiller has been quiet for a bit. Well, not yet. Ha. In fact very much undead and like the beats, kicking. Rolling in on a techno style 4/4 before bursting into breakbeat. We have some serious electro acid bassline wobbles going on here. It’s the Sci Fi style samples that make it though adding the weird science. Superb. The flip is an even tougher dub. “Last Rites” takes the a-side and force-feeds it concrete and venom. It’s a 4/4 pounding, very nasty. Really like this minimalistic bumper. Oh yea.

NAPT “The Rollers ft.Skibadee/Intergalactic” Sub Frequency Funk
Everything that has come out of this lab has smashed it. This is no exception; the trademark filthy edits and mad arrangement are in effect. There is a chopped 80’s funk sample that gives this a real party vibe, without loosing the underground feel. Big tune
They have this intro thing right down. An uplifting electroid intro drops into a tempo change. Big funky horns and a massive build up set this up for a big drop. This is quite a roller. The Dirty analogue bassline has an almost 3d Effect and seems larger than life. Know what I mean.

The Wrongstar Society “Bring You Down" (Affinity Rmx) Unstable Label
The original was big, but now Affinity has pushed it through the dials again, it is sounding even heavier. Filthy basslines ooze pressure under the main riff. It has an almost Arabic sound. Then in come the guitars and mooch pit vocals. Talk about rough around the edges. To compliment the A-side, Wrongstar Society give up some new beats. “Give it to them” uses that classic hardcore sample. The funky guitars give way to a mad morphing bassline. It sounds like they’ve put some Ring Modulation on it cos it sounds like a gurning dalek. Bad boy. “Freakshow” is more of a live band thing. Punkish raps and dirty guitars make this an evil head nodder.

Long Range “Just One More-Remixes” –Long Range Recordings
Yes I know, Long Range are more what you would call ambient or chill out. So what ? The original is a blissful journey through a fluffy soundscape, sure enough. So why did I put it in the “Breaks” section? Bloody Mindedness? Nah. The remix by Hybrid. What is great about the remix, is it retains much of the original melody, but still manages to give the thing a new raw edge. The subs are heavy the bits cracking. Your gonna go on a journey, but still have it on the dancefloor..wicked. Finally there is the live version which has quite a few subtle and less subtle differences.

Wrongstar Society “Then She was beautiful remixes”
You can tell this is heavy from the first kick is so fat it grabs your attention. The punky guitar and filthy bas merge so well with the crazy vocal effects. Watch for the second drop. It’s a monster. The sub just gets militant. Not to mention the foreign geezer going on about his drinking adventures. Possibly the heaviest Merka bass ever, and that is saying something.
“Battle” is MC ESQ versus Mc.Ikon. It’s a humour little session. Merka rolls the controls for the first version. It drops in on a tribal tech house thing. Then gets into a boxing match style MC battle. Dirty basslines keep this on the underground tip. Nasty business. Its dirty and low down. Gonna be hard choosing which mix to drop but there you go.