[Breaks?] New Breaks Tune - Jordan Parsons


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May 15, 2011

Hey guys,

Hope all is well :)

Firstly, is this breakbeat yeah? I'm not certain :lol: Maybe it is the next big Embers Breaks tune ;)

Anyways, here is a new tune I made. I am quite happy with it. Sorry for the sudden end, its going to fade out but I will sort that out when I (try to) master it. I would like feedback on just what you think of the actual tune and also the mixdown :) I am thinking the drums need to come up a touch?

It is sort of chilled and I think it has a kind of orchestral feel to it to. With Bass. :D

Hope you like it and if a name for it springs to mind let me know!

yeah, u need punchy drums. they need to come out more. try a compresor and layering different hits :) Like the bass btw. Oh , or try a limiter on the drums /
There seems to be too much resonance on that intro, in the pad sounds....Nice breakbeat style you got here, although it's really obvious you've used a pre made break, try layering some individual hits over it to give them some more punch. Nice reece bass you got there.....where did you learn that lol ;)

You still need to work on EQ, this track is really heavy in the mid range area, throughout most of your elements!
Haha cheers man,

so with Breakbeat its just about making the drums that little bit more "mine"? Rather than literally layering breaks?

Funny you mention the EQ, the spectrum analyzer was showing a bit of lack in the high end but bass seemed ok :P

As for the Reece, just something some guy showed me ;) :lol:

Think I will work on this tune again soon :)
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