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Nov 29, 2001
Midlands, UK
The second DJ Prospect & MC Flexa guest show will be going out on Wednesday December 5th.

...and don't forget you can grab recordings of most shows from the Break Pirates FTP site:
user: b2vos
pass: b2vos

Open 12midnight-8am Monday-Thursday.
It's pre recorded.

I've heard a bit of it. Sounded pretty tight.

Presume it'll be the 10 - 11 guest slot as its my week off.

I'll be ready to go weekly soon at a new earlier time (so Sassy will be able check it out before she goes to work).

Bahhh...I get these special guest shows sorted and what do I get back? GRIEF! ;)

Yeah it's pre-recorded and will be played next Wednesday night 10-11pm. Believe me it's well worth tuning in for.
klusta said:
How many people do you get listening to your sets?

When we've played on BP we get about 10 max, I believe BP gets about double on the Oldskool Monday night. That's about it I believe :)
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