Breakneck this Friday - SUB FOCUS & FEARLESS


Days to get hazed..
May 18, 2004
Havent seen any mention of this on the forum so far so here goes:

This Fri (28 Sep) @ South Parade Pier in Portsmouth

Room 2: Breakneck --
Sub Focus,
MC Fearless,
cK (scratch wobble etc, playing with himself),
Triple M.
MC's Flak & JC

£10 advance

Who's reachin? :spliff:


Gonna head down from Waterloo after work, hope I get down early enough to get down the pub first!

What's the deal gonna be with the smoking ban?
What's the deal gonna be with the smoking ban?

Best smoking area in town...

Out on the Pier from the main room. They used to let us use it as a chill out space years ago and it v.popular. Great views, some shelter, and the waves crashing below!
Was a wicked night. The vibes in room 1 were dry as hell - I really like Justin Robertson but could only be arsed to dance for about 10 mins.

Breakneck room was firing, I like the back room alot.
Another classic Breakneck, full of variety and residents who could pass for headliners. Special thanks go to Mr SDM for that cracking ragga-jungle section. Brilliant night!
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