BreakEd - Podcast #19


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Raindrop - RoyGreen & Protone
Never Give Up -
Stoned - Calibre
No More - Incognito
Body Language - Lurch
Fruit And Water - Mark System
Bedouin - Phil Tangent
Empyreal feat. Hydro - DLR
Soul Sense - Bladerunner
The View feat. LSB & Tyler Daley - DRS
Twenty Questions - Ivy Lab
Waiting For A Meaningful Title - Mark System
Something To Believe In feat. Calibre - DRS
Always - SpectraSoul
Water Pressure - Mark System
Deep Inside - Nu:Tone
Chief Grand Master - Paul SG
Players Ways - Macca & Loz Contreras
Think Of - Sunchase
Cherry Love (Consoul Remix) - Will Miles
Confessions (Random Movement Remix) - Lurch
Honey Sugar - Macca & Loz Contreras
Don't You Remember - Mark System
After Hours - The Insiders
Still Searchin' - Qumulus
Just One Night feat. Jeremy Carr - Unreal
So Soon - Mark System
First Winter - BreakED
Jungle Bitch - Rowpieces and Soul Cube
Breath In - Bcee
Get With It - DuoScience, Nelver
Gomeisa - Ivy Lab
I Can't Lose You (L-Side Remix) - Lurch
Forgotten Truths -
Artificial Intelligence


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Listening to it now. Smooth blends so far. First 3-4 songs have amazing atmospheric sounds. Blend at 7 min sounded a bit like a rough cut to me, which surprised me.
Skipping a bit, when I looked at the tracklist I was a lil' afraid of 'The View' into 'Twenty Questions' but you pulled it off well. 'Waiting for a Meaningful Tide' is such a great tune, great blend there.
'Something to Believe in' -> 'Always' (what a tune) was a nice filter. 'Water Pressure', another magnificent tune from the Mark System album. 'Think Of', yes yes, loving the selection.

Took a break here, had to go somewhere.

(will continue)

Dude, that tune by yourself in there 'First Winter' is the shit. I really really love it.