Breakbeat Science New Release & Promos 6/27/07

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    Hey all...

    We are pleased to announce the re-addition of Cassein, one of the founding fathers of New York City Jungle/Drum & Bass, to the Breakbeat Science family. He will be around the shop on Saturdays to help our walk-in customers with any record needs. A man who is always out and about at the weeklies- let him know ahead of time if you need something for the weekend and he will be sure to have it there for you.

    New Releases:

    Nucleus & Paradox 'Clint Van Cleef / Dilettantes 5.2.0' (Esoteric)
    Greg Packer 'Closed Minds / Organ Revisited' (Interphase)
    Theory / Aries 'Burn Dem / Just Like Rain' (Lion Dub)
    Digital & Spirit [T Power Rmx] / Digital 'Phantom Force / Dennis The Menace' (Function)
    Spirit 'Sign Of The Times / Temporary Insanity' (Metalheadz Platinum)
    Various Artists 'Knowledge Mag June 2007' (Knowledge)
    Kali [BCee & Lomax Rmx] 'Tokyo' (Outta London)
    Tommy Boy 'Feel The Magic / Loving You' (Stereotypes)
    DJ Hazard 'Busted / 0121' (Playaz)
    The Upful Rockers 'Shot Down / Ganja Farm' (Dub Dimensions)
    ASC 'Datastream / Aftershock / Starbeams' (Covert Operations)
    Spirit 'Scanners / Dead Zone' (Violence)
    Concord Dawn & Chris SU 'Scream To The Stars / Ice Age [Monday]' (Commercial Suicide)
    Break 'Follow The Heat / External' (Engine Music)
    DJ Starscream [Slipknot] 'Full Metal Scratch-it' (N2O)
    B-Boy 3000 / DJ 3D 'Ragga 2001 / Move' (N2O)
    Drumsound & Bassline Smith 'Cold Turkey / Stories Of The Future' (Technique)
    Mista 'Learn To Love The Rain / Can You Fly' (Dispatch)
    Chook / Skynet 'Trainspot / Atlantis' (Full Force)
    Subz & J-Cut / Dub Tao 'Creation / One Drop' (Sound Trax)
    Blame 'Guardian Angel / Enduro' (720 Degrees)
    Scary [NPhect Rmx] 'Alpha / Jam' (Trust In Music)
    Tactile 'Techion / The Riddler' (Tactile Vinyl)
    Mindscape [Loxy Rmx] / Munk 'Like A Rag / Illuminate' (Celcius)
    Ghostface Killa & Ne-Yo 'Back Like Dat Rmx' (White)
    Influx UK / Electrosoul System 'No.1 Bass Rocker / Lifeline' (New Identity)
    Lomax 'Brainfreeze EP' (Spearhead)
    Taxman 'Moonraker / The Rebate 2007' (Propaganda)
    Prolix 'Took My Love / Ice Cold' (Ganja-Tek)
    Bungle ft. Darrison 'Just A Little Bit Closer / The Fugue' (CIA)
    Various Artists 'Endangered Species EP 2' (Black Sun Empire)
    Muffler / Purple Unit ft. Wardaya 'Myth / Secret Pain [Promo]' (Close 2 Death)


    Tes La Rok 'Mental Block / Warehouse' (Mode)
    Afterdark 'Infiltrate / Costra Nostra / Thought' (3.5)
    Whistla 'Merkaba / Sunlit [Promo- Monday]' (Ox Rider)
    Snares 'Sabbath Dubs [Promo- Monday]' (Kriss)
    RSD 'Kingfisher / Love Of Jah Light [Promo- Monday]' (Earwax)

    Promos (Limited Quantity):

    DJ Spice 'Mighty Thunder / This One [Monday- Promo]' (Back 2 Basics)
    Muffler 'Mermaids / Waves Breaking [Promo- Monday]' (Hospital)
    Culture Shock 'The Third Stage EP [Promo- Monday]' (Ram)
    Greenfly ft. Jewls / Neil Mac & AMC 'One Love / Walking Butterfly [Promo]' (Frequency Factory)
    Audio Unit 'Running / Deep Waters [Promo- Monday]' (Vandal)
    Henree / Subz & J Cut 'So Nasty / Truthseeker [Promo- Monday]' (Phunkfiction)
    Temper D & K Fire / Proket [Lethal & Khanage Rmx] 'Tabledeath VIP / Proportion [Promo- Monday]' (Off Key)
    S.P.Y. 'Ghost Ship / Silent Sleeper [Promo- Monday]' (Med School)
    Psidream 'Moonstruck / Daredevil [Promo- Monday]' (Cyanide)
    Tactile / MLS 'The Joker / Ravasz Dub [Promo- Monday]' (Avalanche)
    C.A.B.L.E. / Noah D 'Burning / Soul of Sagittarius [Promo]' (Steppasoundz)
    Double Zero / Modified Motion 'Pussy / Deja Vu [Promo]' (Propaganda)
    Inside Info 'Caffeine / Perfect Crime [Promo]' (Robotix)
    L.A.O.S. (Large Amount Of Soul) 'Fascinated / Formatted [Promo]' (Spearhead)
    Sci Phi 'Mash Ton / Girl [Promo]' (Jerona Fruits)
    Syncopix / Dub Tao 'The Suite / Don't Know [Promo]' (Hard Edged)
    Mampi Swift 'Second Strike / Lost Angels [Promo]' (Charge)
    Drumagick 'El Magnifico / Class A [Promo]' (Beatmasters)
    Total Science [Break Rmx] / Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance [Total Science Rmx] 'Breakfast Club / Secada [Promo]' (CIA)

    The Scientist
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