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    FDEL “Audiofdelity” on Freestyle Records
    This is a great debut. FDEL shows us how its done down in Oz. This is raw and funky. That is what I like to hear. Nice vintage drum treatments and loads of filthy funky guitars. Ad d some nice cutting and scratching from Dj Armee and you got yourself just one of the fat cuts FDEL has produced. “Dusty Fingers” has Downsyde on the mic, and this heavy hip hop cut is all about the art of fishing for breaks in the crate. “Instrumental Proficiency” sees some fat cuts from the 70’s getting laced together into this big sounding soundtrack. A selection of party rockers.

    Thunderball “Cinescope” ESL Music
    If you don’t know about the Thunderball style, this is well worth checking. It’s hard to pigeonhole, so I won’t, suffice to say that it takes exotic musical elements from around the globe, and fattens them up. The dramatic lounge rocker “Road to Benares” merges folk music of India and America with Trip Hop beats. It's quite something. “Electric Shaka” features Afrika Baambaata, and the vocodered “Drop the Bomb” sample will lodge itself in your head. It’s funky with a twist of the exotic. “Return of the Panther” features Mustafa Akbar on the mic. Low down dirty funk and smokey jazz basslines twist up into a streetwise groove. “Thunder in the Jungle” also features the Baambaata. Super funky dope beats! There are plenty of happening instrumentals too. “Lost Vagueness” being a prime example. A great sequel album.

    Jazz Juice “52nd Street” Freestyle Records
    This duo is made up of DJ Graham B, who is a member of the Soho Connection, and a house pioneer. He is also part of Electro Coco. The other half of the team is Alain Eskinasi, who has produced over 40 CD’s for Virgin.
    As the name suggests the Pair get on the dial to produce a blend of jazz influenced beats. From D&B tinged cuts to laid back lounge rollers its all here for the taking.