Hardcore Breakbeat Hardcore mix 93-94 style

dj flow

Old Skool Head
Dec 12, 2003
Taunton, UK
Here's a new mix I did yesterday guys. Give it a listen, you might like it!! Any feedback is appreciated. ;)

Back Again (Austin rmx)
In Effect - Slammin Vinyl
Obsession (The only remix because Musics so Wonderful)
Naughty Naughty Vol 1
The Bells 94 (Pooch rmx)
Dark Secrets (Wishdokta Mash Up mix)
Take Your Mind - Elevate ep - Ram
The Box Opened - Straight from the Bedroom
Ricky - Remarc
Vexxed - Fokus
In Effect - Dark Dub remix
Shot in the Dark - Hype
Paradox - Intense

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