GorDo said:
Check his EPs on Reinforced
Back Off EP
Breakage & Threshold EP
Break Age EP

The Back Off EP was good as all the tunes were pretty good except for Back Off which had some really HARSH EQing on the vocal.

The other two EPs mentioned were serious disapointments. The Breakage & Threshold EP had only 2 nice tracks out of 4 because the other two were Fabio style soulful rollers which didn't complement Breakages excursions into darkcore. The Break Age EP I had for the longest time w/o knowing who the heck made it. From the sounds of it I guessed Dylan & Loxy as the tracks are all very monotinous amen tunes except for one which keeps repeating the phrase "You don't know what you don't know" over and over again which seemed like a bad joke.

If you don't want to buy something you might be disapointed with yet you do like his "Here come the drums" tune then I'd recommend only the Back Off EP which was quite nice.
Yep, Im with 1992 and the Gordomeister on this one, its all about the 'Back Off' ep :thumbsup:

(havent actually heard the other 2 mentioned lol! :oops: )
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