Break - Return to the Temple EP

Break - Return to the Temple EP

[Released 21.09.09]

Not content with releasing killer 12” after killer 12” Shogun bring the pressure hard with some double vinyl action in the shape of Break’s devastating ‘Return To The Temple EP’, as featured on Friction’s recent ‘Assassin Vol.1’ mix album.

Ever the optimist Break draws us into the colder months with the title track ‘Winter Sun’ and for those expecting a dirty trademark onslaught you’d better think again. This track has nothing but warm vibes with sultry guitar samples, thick breaks and smooth low-slung bass to retain a tough dance floor edge. Big love from all-corners on this one.

‘Now It’s Going’, however, totally undermines this on the flip and smacks us for six with one of the most rugged, rolling slices of tech’d up DnB you’re likely to hear this year. Pure filth!

Onto the second plate and Break re-visits his 2007 smasher ‘Let It Happen’ to bring us a VIP version and what a job he’s done. Sticking much to the original dub influences there’s now added bass surges, heavier drums and even a sweet DJ friendly intro unlike it’s previous incarnation. A worthy addition to any record box.

Lastly Break finishes us off with the off-beat kilter of ‘After Shower’. Harking back to sounds of yesteryear this one never fails to add something a little different to the dance with it’s thudding kicks to get them legs ‘a skanking!

Gonna be BIIIIG!
Break is the baddest man in drums as far as production is concerned for me. Im totally bagging this adding to my collection of break tunes which is fastly overtaking anything i else got by any other artist. After he played Southampton a few months back I had a word with him after and literally told him he was the baddest man in drums (i was messy as) and he seemed genuinely really stoked about it and had a chat with the fella. Top bloke!