Break - Positve Negative/ Hearing Voices

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    After some solid releases form the new DNAudio label 'Break' takes a few moments out & heads over to 'Klute's Commerical Suicide' label for a killer 12".

    Positve Negative

    Clean hi-hats scatter evenly among some lush female choir vocals, floating mysteriously between a slow key change synth.
    The intro is relaxed & moody & doesn't feel it will take much of a swing into the track but a cooly sequenced riff cuts sharply, & raises the ambience of the track to a certified ear catcher of dancefloor business. A slightly off-key acid 303 is placed neatly underneath the lead riff just to fill the spacious intro.
    A quick reverbed ragga vocal chants then it's some crude bassline crunch time!! A solid 'Keaton' style bass works rapidly to keep in time with the lead riff & makes for some wicked switches between the kick drums & snare patterns. Neuro style bass licks get cut & pasted accuratley to keep the bounce & main drive of the track flowing, & after the first 8 bars 'Break' decides it's time to flip that drum pattern & let some jungle cymbal patterns tear through the crusade bass licks & eerie ghost calls.
    This track never lets up because of it's un-orthodix style of chopping & change between each 8 bars of the track but it, works so well together & can make the hardest of junglist's take a moment to appreciate what 'Positive Negative' is about.
    The constant movement of the kick drums & cymbal flares combined with the acidic riff churn out a real bassbin rattler which sways from left to right always looking for a new edge to give the listener, but I have to say the 92 style ragga style piano melody stole it for me, simple jump up sounds working effortlessly towards a hardcore breakdown which will leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end & will keep you reminiscing about the good ol' days!!
    What a track I have to say I'm a massive fan of the style Break & Silent Witness are nurturing at the moment, it's a mix of early No U Turn with a darkened jungle vibe that does knock the shit out of you, & everytime I listen to this I just wanna play it as loud as possibe!!

    Overall: 9/10

    Hearing Voices
    A snapping lo-fi snare break filters slowly against a tribal bongo pattern. Soulful shakers & cymbals jive along & then drop swiftly to the old school chord melodies & yep you've guessed it 92' style female vocal wails. There's something enticing & uplifting about the intro on this record but I'm still trying to gather what 'Break' is doing so right for me to keep rewinding those smooth chord arrangments & simple FX shots.
    More lush updated hardcore synths puppet walk among the female vocals, then another filtered drop allows the solid bass to takeover. Sunshine leads & fast shaker attacks wire through the dominant b-line not over involving themselves just making sure they keep things tight & steady for the vocals to faded in & out of the rolling loops & uplifting chords.
    'Hearing Voices' is all about soul & feeling & this has plenty to offer even if contrasting styles aren't your thing. 'Break's' versatility is a breath of fresh air seeing as the scence seems to be focusing on one style of d&b at the mo.
    Just keep them coming.

    Overall: 8/10

    Released On: Commercial Suicide
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    "Hearing Voices"
    Is 1 of my favorite summertime "Sleeper" tracks. Very, very, well done.

    Thomas :miss_rep: