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It's All Over! ...For now

Yes that's right. Unfortunately after over 12 months of broadcasting we've been forced to shut shop at the end of the month. The reasons? Well there's many...another studio move, other commitments, and most importantly the listener figures have been disappointing. Therefore we'll be sending out the final live show on Tuesday July 30th, 8-11pm GMT with DJs Drift and NuMoniK, exactly how everything started. We hope you can all join us on that night.

I'd like to take this oppotuntity to thank all station DJs past and present who've helped shape the Break Pirates over the past year. Not forgetting of course the small but loyal set of listeners who hopefully we've helped to entertain. Your support has been wicked, just a shame there wasn't more of you. Also going out to all the guests, chart submitters, and reviewers for keeping everything interesting.

Several station DJs have already sorted alternate shows elsewhere, or are in the process of doing so. Details of which will be posted here as soon as we have more information.

It's been fun, and hopefully we'll see you again some time...


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all is not lost though :D

drum and bass live on night radio every sunday :D

currently, three break pirates djs, klusta, triple m, and myself, have moved to night radio to continue the sunday dnb shows. i have told drift he can have his 10-11 set when he is ready to continue.

so even though break pirates has closed, the vibe still continues.

catch it every sunday from 7pm at
if you lot are interested in DJing then get in touch with myself at and i can probably sort something out for you on our internet radio station

check the site DnB 24/7 throughout the week

check the schedule for times and see if you would like to do an available slot