Drum & Bass Break 'Love So True' VIP & 'Watch Out' Enei Remix

Amazing news! Break is releasing a VIP of 'Love So True' on 4 March.

I didn't think the VIP was hugely different to the original but he's tightened up the percussion and made it more indulgent. It's a banging tune so I guess he didn't need to do much on the VIP. The best surprise for me is actually the B-side which is Enei's remix of Eastcolors 'Watch Out.' Enei's properly put his dark stamp on it. So glad it's being released, Enei can do no wrong!

Does anyone know if the full tracks have been leaked anywhere? You can get previews here but they're quite short: http://foxgotbass.com/break-love-so-true-vip-enei-watch-out/