Label [Break-Fast Audio] Phuture-T // Basement Dub - Quantum


Mar 4, 2008




BFAD010 // Phuture-T

A: Basement Dub

B: Quantum

Release date: 30.03.2009

Time moves quickly! Break-Fast Audio proudly presents its 10th release, bringing you the freshest sounds from Dutch beat-freak Phuture-T.

BFAD010A: Phuture-T – Basement Dub

On the A-side Phuture-T starts off with a massive dub-intro before taking it to a drop that will surely leave no dance floor unharmed. This track is amen business as it was meant to be, combined with the necessary switches and heavy atmospherical vocal edits that add up to make a perfect track for the needy on the dance floor.

BFAD010B: Phuture-T - Quantum

Quantum once again shows what Phuture-T knows and loves best: breaking funk beats with a highly analog sound that will make any drum-fanatic want more and more. Accompanied by many different soundscapes and highly electronic glitch-edits that will take you away to an eerie outer-space, Quantum is a remarkable piece of production of our own Dutch Phuture-T.


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