Break-Fast Audio Digital 001: Spinor - Emergence / Amplicon - Triangular Funk

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    Break-Fast Audio, home of the critical underground elite that is the Groningen-based Break-Fast crew (NL) was born 4 years after the first Break-Fast parties were held. Moving from venue to venue, searching for a good home base but never losing momentum in Holland's underground scene, the Break-Fast nights have become a beacon for the discerning Drum&Bass aficionado, hosting the crème de la crème of the national and international Drum&Bass scene. This momentum was acknowledged in 2006 by Groningen's world famous Drum&Bass production crew Noisia when they sought to host an event together with the Break-Fast crew. For the venue they chose the venerable "Vera", a veritable underground pop-temple, where years ago bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, U2 and more recently Beck, The Libertines and Franz Ferdinand were discovered, long before making it big. But the likes of Bono and Kurt Cobain are not the only ones to have graced Vera's stage. Since the advent of Drum&Bass Ed Rush, Dom & Roland, Roni Size and Aphrodite amongst many other have brought down the roof of Vera Groningen.

    Shortly after their first collaboration with the Noisia crew, the Break-Fast nights moved to Vera, where they have found their permanent residence. Now, anno 2008 the crowds of 400+ people can't be wrong. Break-Fast has an outstanding reputation, hosting the world's choicest artists such as TeeBee, the Panacea, Fracture and Neptune, Break, Silent Witness, Icicle, Martsman & Fanu. Break-Fast Audio will extend this reputation, by hand picking quality underground productions from around the world for the critical Drum&Bass masses. In combination with their reputed radio shows on, events and knowledge of the scene, Break-Fast Audio is set to be a label to be reckoned with.


    Fact Sheet

    Break-Fast Audio 001 (BFAD001)

    A: Spinor - Emergence

    Hailing from the South of the Netherlands, Spinor (Citrus / Fokuz / Crossfire) delivers on this first Break-Fast Audio release with the crunchy, static, yet strangely familiar "Emergence". And what an emergence indeed, this mysteriously familiar and hypnotising chunk of a roller is served with an enticing set of strangely organic patches. And it is this paradoxical dynamic that has proven to move the crowds.

    [dj-support by: Gremlinz, Kasra, Fracture & Neptune]

    B: Amplicon - Triangular Funk

    Amplicon, Break-Fast resident and master of old funk breaks and beats delivers on Triangular Funk with a dark yet enticing track that breaks in the middle and takes it to a bassline dominated next level. Drenched in his unique "special ops" sound, this track sneaks up from the back to punch you right in the face.

    [dj-support by: Gremlinz, Fracture & Neptune, Wilsh, Madcap, Code & Mendelayev]

    These tunes will be available from the 7th of March 2008 at:

    For more info about Break-Fast, check:
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