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Mar 4, 2008




BFAD020 // Acid_Lab - Parallel Dimensions EP
A: Acid_Lab - Dark Orbit
B: Acid_Lab - Reborn
C: Acid_Lab - Stealth
D: Acid_Lab - Unknown Lifeform

Release date: 05.09.2011

Break-Fast Audio proudly presents another mischievous deep space adventure! And what an enterprise it will be, hold on to your seats for the turbulent schemes brought by the exquisite Acid_Lab!

DJ Support by the mighty Ulterior Motive and many others.

BFAD020A: Acid_Lab - Dark Orbit >listen<
“Dark Orbit” promises that this exploration will be vast till the very end. Fat kickdrums and a creepy synth steer towards the arrival of a rough, deep-toned entity; ready to bring you to an ecstatic elevation one last time. And then, as a couple of cracks and bleeps mark the last sounds to be thrusted out, the journey is finished.

BFAD020B: Acid_Lab - Reborn >listen<
“Reborn” delivers exactly that what it implicates, a re-embodied experience of the ’98 sound. Weightily percussive rhythms and eerie pads leave no room for hesitation: once you’re on board there is no going back. When the drop hits you will be seized in a solid stream of sinister sounds adjoining the malicious bass stabs, all working in a perfect Virus-like harmony. A monster this one!

BFAD020C: Acid_Lab - Stealth >listen<
But the venture is only about to begin. Be warned, there will not be time to gaze upon your surroundings. “Stealth” retains the firm grip the ongoing current has on your state of mind. A forthright, fear-provoking intro leads to brief moment of tensed uncertainty. What follows is an obscure but raw sounds mixture, guided by all kinds of murky noises. Get ready to be hypnotized.

BFAD020D: Acid_Lab - Unknown Lifeform >listen<
Stomping beats and a hair-raising, leading pad with which “Unknown Lifeform” takes off ensure you that the bumpiest part of the ride has yet to come. A dreadful bassline lies concealed in the deep and mysterious background at first, but suddenly breaks loose and leaves nothing unharmed. A word of advice: let yourself be taken over and become part of the overwhelming lawlessness by which this force is driven, you won’t have any other options anyway!

Don’t hesitate and hop on for the ride of your life. The cosmos might get upset if you’ll let it pass you by!

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