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    BFAD017 // Flatliners - Silent Scream EP
    A: Flatliners - Twisted Dreams
    B: Flatliners - Bring Out
    C: Flatliners - Since You
    D: Flatliners - Blackrock Depths

    Release date: 21.09.2010

    For this 17th release we enclosed another fresh producer to the "Break-Fast Audio Family" and you will hear a lot from him in the (near) future.

    BFAD017A: Flatliners - Twisted Dreams
    This track shows immediately the Flatliners' stamp with this dark, smooth atmosphere and heavy breathtaking subbass. This track is totally different than the bulk of tracks which come out in this scene. Absolute freshness and something special.

    BFAD017B: Flatliners - Bring Out
    Seen! Raggae and dub lovers eat your heart out. Bring Out is not a culture, it is now reality. If you want to test your subwoofer, play this one. Break-Fast is proud to release Bring Out.

    BFAD017C: Flatliners - Since You
    Since You is the more liquidish track on the EP. There is some nice flow and atmosphere going on with this one due to the piano and soundscapes. The kick is stabby and there are some nice little edits here and there which you only hear if you listen closely. This is really characteristic for quality music.

    BFAD017D: Flatliners - Blackrock Depths
    If you listen to Blackrock Depths it almost feels you are floating on the bassline and it will take you to an underwater cave in Blackrock Mountain. As well as the other tracks on the EP, this one has the Flatiners' trademark.

    This release is mastered by Bob Macc at SC Mastering.


    This release is now available at:

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