[Break-Fast Audio 015] Acid_Lab - Dissonance / Red Dust OUT NOW!



BFAD015 // Acid_Lab - Dissonance / Red Dust
A: Acid_Lab - Dissonance
B: Acid_Lab - Red Dust

Release date: 05.10.2009

Break-Fast Audio brings you it's fifteenth release coming from our German neighbour Acid_Lab, and what a release it is!

BFAD015A: Acid_Lab - Dissonance
'Dissonance' is a track that instantly smacks you back into the Source Direct age with a terrifying bassline that stabs its way right through the beats and discomforting soundscapes. Breaking down in the middle, taking it along a downtempo route, Acid_Lab shows he's fully understood what the drumfunk genre is about.

BFAD015B: Acid_Lab - Red Dust
With 'Red Dust' Acid_Lab hardly gives the listener any time to take a breath and recuperate from the shock applied in 'Dissonance'. Sliced up beats bring a rolling motion in a once again sub bass dominated track that will sound wicked on any PA.


This release is now available at:

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