Break-Fast AD004: Fushara - Stealsign / Fushara - Breathe Harder


Mar 4, 2008

Break-Fast Audio

BFAD004 - Fushara - Stealsign / Fushara - Breathe Harder

Release date: 28th of August

BFAD004A: Stealsign

Naturalist beat monster Fushara (Plain Audio) demonstrates his incredible beat programming skills on Break Fast Audio's fourth release. His first track, Stealsign combines meticulously edited funk breaks with athmospheric sounds and is an inspiring example of what 'minimal' Drum 'n Bass should sound like.
Breaking it down in the middle, Stealsign will provide any DJ with a great opportunity to propare a smashing double drop.

BFAD004B: Breathe Harder

The second track, Breathe Harder starts with a sneaky string arrangement before breaking into a schizophrenic composition led by an almost jazzy beat that would fit best under a James Bond pursuit scene in the dark streets of some dystopian futuristic metropolis.

All in all, Break Fast Audio seeks to continue to set the agenda when it comes to underground, up-and-coming Drum 'n Bass talents and this release is no exception, as Fushara's productions are set to fulfill your quality Drum 'n Bass needs.

BFAD004A: Fushura - Stealsign
BFAD004B: Fushura - Breathe Harder

These tunes are available at: // breakfastkru "at" // AIM: fre4kncdnb / amplicon
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