Break-Fast AD003 : Splinter - Beneath the Ruins / Bone - Hurt

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    Break-Fast AD003 : Splinter - Beneath the Ruins / Bone - Hurt



    Break-Fast Audio

    BFAD003 - Splinter - Beneath the Ruins / Bone - Hurt

    Release date: 31-07-08


    If newcomer Splinter is to believe, a lot of retro stuff is going on

    Beneath the Ruins. This Dutchman's debut release packs a bassline

    reminiscent of the Drum & Bass days of yore that are sure to blast a

    latenight's dancefloor back to the future. Featuring the obscure

    narrator we all dreaded in our childhood's horror movie sessions and

    tearing telltale reece basses this nightmare-turned-production is a

    fiendish piece of Drum & Bass.


    The oriental soundscapes set to dark, minimalistic breaking beats and

    a retro filtered bassline featured in Bone's "Hurt" demonstrate

    perfectly what a heartbroken Bhuddist Monk's night out after being

    ditched by his girlfriend would sound like. The lingering, monotonous

    yet melodic vocal brings emotion to this austere work of this emerging

    Estonian Drum & Bass production talent.


    BFAD003A: Splinter - Beneath the Ruins

    BFAD003B: Bone - Hurt

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