Break-Fast AD002: Mendelayev - Smoking World / Sub - Steganographie


Break-Fast Audio

BFAD002 - Mendelayev - Smoking World / Sub - Steganographie

Release date: 20th of June 2008

Mendelayev, Moscow's prolific and hugely talented drum&bass sensation graces this second Break-Fast Audio release with his Smoking World, a highly atmospheric, melodic affair driven by an infectuous guitar lick. Set to his immaculate and highly technical beats, this master soundengineer has managed to condense the very finest in drum&bass: fingerlicking beats set to an enchanting melodic backdrop.

Ever wondered what the guts of an abandoned weapons factory would sound like? Sub, head honcho of Austria's Syncopathic recordings gets it just right on "Steganographie". Natural breaks with metallic edits, seasoned with an industrial, production hall soundscape seem to cater to the deepest of fantasies in the drum&bass arena. Reminiscent of the good old days, this soundtrack will certainly get under your skin.

BFAD002A: Mendelayev - Smoking World
BFAD002B: [sub] - Steganographie

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