Break DOA Mix


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Aug 20, 2008
Sorry no tracklisting, Got sent this the other day so thought id upload it for all.

Not sure if its already been posted, but hey. can never have to many break threads :D

Edit: Heres the tracklist!

1. Sabre ''Try Your Luck'' (Dub)
2. Break ''Hooked Up'' (Symmetry)
3. Proxima & Nymfo ''HardDrive'' (Dub)
4. Whizz & Daze ''Transit Zone'' (Dub)
5. Break ''Adrenaline'' (Symmetry)
6. Spinline ''Razzia'' (X-Tinction Agenda)
7. Nico / Fierce / Break ''Draw'' (Quarantine)
8. Dose & Menace ''Pick Up'' (Samurai)
9. Break ''Is This What You Want?'' (Symmetry)
10. Vicious Circle ''Access All Areas'' (Critical)
11. Spectrasoul ''Tectonic'' (Dub)
12. Break ''Traits'' (Symmetry)
13. Loxy & Cern ''Juggernaught'' (Revolution)
14. Break ''Evil Twin'' (Symmetry)
15. Break ''Wine'' (Dub)
16. Break ''Let It Lie'' (Revolution)
17. Klute ''Trust Me'' (Dub)
18. Nymfo ''Follow The Signs'' (Dub)
19. Break Feat. Kyo ''Last Chance'' (Symmetry)
20. Total Science ''S.O.S.'' (Dub)
21. Break ''In Between'' (Symmetry)
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