Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat ( with Zardonic ) - In Your Veins EP - OIKD 012

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    Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat - In Your Veins EP - Order In Kaos Digital
    "Ctrl Alt Dstry"
    "Hooker Neck"
    "In Your Veins"
    "Alien Wings" ( with Zardonic )

    Now available here >>

    Some heavier and abstract vibes on this EP - Hope some of you out there can dig it !!!!

    "Ctrl Alt Dstry" - A total mindfuck of a tune complete with subliminal messages that can be played in reverse, beware.....
    "Hooker Neck" - Moshpit Jump Up with a touch of techno, plain and simple - rock on
    "In Your Veins" - Title track half time stomper with an electro laced tempo change that will drive many dancefloors into a frenzy
    "Alien Wings" - Quarter Step, Drum Step, Crazy Step ? Call it what you will, this twisted collaboration has been given the thumbs up from a few noteworthy selectors

    Audio and more information here >>
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