DnB Brandon Ferguson - Careful (first attempt)

Mar 6, 2012
Nashville, TN USA
Despite my lack of experience in making music and little knowledge about music theory somehow I came up with this small tune. My previous song attempts (dubstep) weren't so good. I realized it's really difficult to transfer the tunes in your head to the computer. It was all fun and games when I first started this tune, then I started stressing big time and...yeah, I'll let the song speak for itself. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. As far as the mastering/mixing, it sounds ok to me. What should I be aiming for? https://soundcloud.com/b-ferguson%2Fcareful


Sep 23, 2011
San Francisco, CA
Listen to a bunch of old hardcore from like '90 - '95, though it sounds like you're already a fan. It's interesting to see how different genres evolved. What you've started here sounds like jungle before there was jungle, so it's an excellent project in starting from the ground up.

It might be fun to drop this tune into a half-time dubstep beat with the amen only to fill in ends of phrases and stuff. Play with 808 kicks for your bassline and put a devastating clap on the backbeat. As it is, it's hardcore, not drum n bass, imo.
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