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Copied from @Code 's post on DOA:-

Early last year when I had the idea to release 3 vinyls at the same time on Subtle Audio, Bustle Beats and the new Treaty Treats sub-label I never thought it would take till mid-Sept 2018 to finally have everything pressed and ready to ship out but we finally got there and pre-orders started shipping on Monday Sept 24th. We still have some stock of each release on the Subtle Audio website for anyone interested.

This trio of releases is quite personal for quite a few reasons - it's great to be finally releasing an album project by one of my favourite producers around and good friend, Enjoy. It's also great to be able to welcome a talent such as Drummotive to the Subtle Audio label. Delighted too to be kicking off a new project with long time friend and fellow Limerick D&B missionary Kevin Beegan aka K3Bee - it's an honour to be able to give him his first D&B vinyl release and we're looking forward to developing the Treaty Treats label and seeing where it takes us. My own track on the 12" was made as a trip down memory lane with every sample traceable back to an musical experience in my home-town and it's nice to be able to release it on a label called after the Treaty City.

So, plenty of reasons to celebrate but also a touch of sadness with the knowledge that this will be the last piece of label artwork by the late Conor O'Riordan aka Stacks on Subtle Audio. He was a huge part of the Subtle Audio story up till now - his designs always captured the mood of the music perfectly and I know they helped make every release extra special for the producers involved and the collectors too - RIP Stacks and thanks so much for everything.

Special mention has to go to the missus, Louisa - the cartoon artwork for both the Enjoy LP and Treaty Treats release is so good - love it.

You can check audio and preview artwork over on the Subtle Audio site and these are also the links if you want to check audio for each tune

Drummotive - Ensnared / She Comes In Colour / Cluster :: SUBTLE022

Enjoy - Anger & Control :: BUSTLE001LP 3x10"

Code / K3Bee - From The Heart / Downright Upright :: TREATY001 12"

We also have a Bundle Offer if anyone is interested in getting all 3 releases and exclusive bonus downloads at a reduced price , check that here ---> https://www.subtleaudiorecordings.c...001lp-treaty001-vinyl-bonus-downloads-bundle/

thanks to everyone who has supported so far !


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Thanks for the spotlight. Great sound, that's why I've just ordered the bundle. Big up.

Can't keep up with all these spread out information. Good, that there are people on this forum, who know every nook and cranny on the internet regarding jungle releases. Normally, I just check out my usual vinyl outlets for new releases.
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