Brand new selection of 89-93 tunes for Fridays show 6 pm

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    Mar 25, 2006
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    Get Locked 6 pm on Disfunktional for some tunes fresh in the bag from the likes of Messiah,Eon,
    Ibiza records, Flying records, The Diceman, 808 state, Triple helix records Virus E P,
    4 Hero The Head Hunter E P.

    Will be Playing some Classic drum + bass at 9 pm on Phatbeats from the likes of Teebee, Klute, Goldie, Total science, Elementz of noise, Decoder, Sonic + Silver, Johnny L,Digital,Paradox, Grooverider + Tango.

    Live from 9 pm as we take you down memory lane

    Catch me 9 pm Friday on

    Also will be doing a Sunday at 7 pm also

    Along with my normal shows

    6-8 pm Fridays

    6-7:30 pm Mondays

    3-4 pm Saturdays