Brand new Screamheads podcast - the SUNcast edition!

Screamheads Podcast Part 15
The Suncast edition

At last Screamheads are back again with a new smashing podcast. This time it is summertime and that means good vibes on every tune. The suncast edition is filled with the best tunes from the drum’n’bass scene at this very moment including tracks from NU:TONE, CLS and Wax, Nookie, BluMarTen, Alix Perez and The Funktastics. Now it is time to hit the beach!

Presented by Morten Alick & Casper LT

if you don't like iTunes:


01: BluMarTen - All Over Again (Sabre Remix) (Exceptional Dub)
02: Alix Perez feat. MC Fats - Down The Line (Shogun)
03: Nookie - You Can't Hold Me Back (Phuzion)
04: CLS & Wax feat. SQBass - Hurricane (Spin Recordings Dub)
05: Nu:Tone feat. Pat Fulgoni - Beliefs (Hospital)
06: Chris SU & Concord Dawn - Sacrifice (Critical)
07: The Funktastics - Lies In Paradise (Spin Recordings)
08: Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance - T-5 Spot (Innerground Dub)
09: Babum - Tim Dom Dom (Demo of the Podcast)
10: DJ Roots & Theego - Sorriso De Flor (2007 VIP Mix)


Out NOW on Spin Recordings:

Screamheads feat. Camila Andrade - Under the Sun (Spin Recordings)
Screamheads feat. Camila Andrade - Under the Sun (Bungle remix) (Spin Recordings)

The Funktastics - Girls Say Haaaa! (Spin Recordings)
The Funktastics - Lies In Paradise (Spin Recordings)

CLS & Wax feat. Sqbass - Hurricane (Spin Recordings)
CLS & Wax - Primal Rage(Spin Recordings)

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Casper LT & Morten Alick