brand new sci fi neuro tune

good work setting the scifi vibes. all ways a plus. the drop is dope, but i feel like it either just a bit o much of a vol jump (on my system that is), i also feel like it could use a few weird or glitchy sounds in the build to keep it a bit more interesting. really cool track tho.
here is one i have coming out next month for free keep up with it and grab it when its out if you like. any feedback as well for future tunes would be cool to
Digging the midrange sounds in your drop! Check the stereo image of them though - they sound a little bit too different. The first one sounds wide (make sure it doesn't have some weird phase issue as it kinda sounds like it does) but the growl is pretty mono sounding. Try for a different riff on the 2nd phrase other than just adding a ride - that sort of small change is good for halfway through a phrase but some more significant musical change needs to happen at the 17th bar of the drop to keep it going along. Speaking of which, nice drums. The Diabolical sample on the 3rd phrase sounds good but I just wouldn't play it as often - maybe every 4 bars instead of every 2. Hope this helps!