BRAND NEW!! RocksteadyUK Presents....... Full Spectrum


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Easy peeps!
Brand New Mix.... Check it out!!

Wasnt going to post this as it was just a personal thing! but check it anyway

Im starting to get a bit bored with all the "Jump-Up" only or "Neuro" only mix sets out there.... so i put together a little mix with everything in it.
Just to show all the new people just getting into dnb it aint about just mixin the same sub-genre's of dnb....

BRING BACK THE DRUM'n'BASS DJ!! not the "Jump-Up" DJs or the "Neuro" DJs!! hahahahahahah

Hope you enjoy!......

RocksteadyUK Presents...... Full Spectrum

RocksteadyUK Presents...... Full Spectrum <--- Mirror

RocksteadyUK Presents...... Full Spectrum <--- Megaupload link

36 Tracks - 77min approx

Mickey Finn & Aphrodite - Bad Ass
Tantrum Desire - Dream Scape
Generation Dub - Sexy Beast
The Force - What Happens Here (Connecta Remix)
DJ Panik - Dread Or Alive (Taxman Remix)
The Sect - Zeroid
DRS feat Kenny Ken - Everyman (D.O.P.E Dub)
Prizna feat. Demolition Man - Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix)
Jaydan - Unknown Promo (Think its Gun Salute??)
DJ Complex - Zero
Bad Company - Speedball
DJ pleasure - Flute Tune
PsychoFreud - Murderer
Prolix - Exile
London Elektricity - Rewind (Makoto Remix)
Sketch & Code - D.N.A
SFR - Hypnosis
Double Zero - Immaculate Conception
Sappo - Stand Bold
Everything But The Girl - Blame (J Majik Remix) <--- VERY RARE!
Unknown Artist - Take Me Away
Skyver & D-Jon feat. Auxilary One - Broken & Twisted
Sonic & ES9 - Acceleration
Mindmachine - Epidemic
Sonic & Silver - 21 Gun
Conquering Lion - Code Red (94 Remix)
Rhythem Beater - Trouble Maker
DEE3DEE feat. Lady Libra - Nuff Reasons
Twisted Individual - Gimp Mask (Twisted Remix)
DJ Pleasure - Answer Me
Dub Zero - Power Gurn
Twisted Individual - Bitch Muzzle (Generation Dub Remix)
Unknown Artist - Unknown Track (From the Graf Series)
Benny Page - Cant Test
Jaydan - Shut Ya Down
Prizna feat. Demolition Man - Fire (Serial Killz Remix)
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on the d/l now m8
tracklisting looks hot
ive got a few of them tunes so it'll be nice to hear them mixed by some1 else