Brand New Jerona Fruits Podcast Vol. 9: Live Aid

Jerona Fruits

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Jerona Fruits Podcast vol. 9: Live Aid

The Burbs- Inferno 1001 (Jerona forthcoming)
Sinistarr & Jaybee- The Search (Rubik)
Alix Perez- Behind Time (Shogun)
Phil Tangent- Billie's Smile (Soul:R)
Glen E Ston- Above the clouds (IM:Ltd)
Ulterior Motive- Breach (Subtitles)
The Burbs- Cool Air (Jerona Digital)
8 Bits feat. Riya- So Good (Digital Soundboy)
Lenzman & Redeyes- High & Low (Integral)

>Simon's Segment {Phil Collins- If Leaving me is easy}

Dawn Penn- No No No (Dubstep bootleg)
Sinistarr & Jaybee- Should I (Rubik)