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Jerona Fruits

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Yep Jerona Fruits Podcast Vol. 3 is online now ready to be downloaded and put in your futuristic music players.

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"The one where their computers were on the blink. (No pics or ipod tracklist)"

1. Spor- Halogen (Lifted)
2. Mutated Forms- With you (Grid)
3. Taxman- Acid (Liqweed ganja)
4. Tantrum desire & Cabbie- 21st century (Technique)
5. Random Movement- Please don't leave (Driven AM)
6. So Flow- Plea (Vibration)
>Original Rudeboy
7. Bachelors of science- Lost inside (Horizons)
8. Artificial intelligence feat. D- Bridge- Three's a crowd (V Recordings)
9. The Burbs- Alone (Jerona Digital)
10. Bachelors of science- The ice dance [Lenzman rmx] (Horizons)
11. Andyskopes & Mr Joseph- Call to arms (Dub)