Brand new dance music Community FOR EVERYONE now online!


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May 10, 2002
Barnsley, South Yorkshire
Check out HarddanceCulture!

It is a brand new online community whis is aimed at bringing together as many hard dance supporters/partygoers as possible.
There are forums for every kind of hard dance music including:
Drum&Bass, Old Skool, Hardcore, Techno plus many more!
Forum categories include:
Chat, Events & DJ's, MC's & Producers, and tune id's to follow.
:) Chat about your weekends out or even review your night out!
:) Tell everyone about your event for that bit of extra promotion!
:) Let people listen to your latest tune/mix and blag a couple of bookings too!
The forums are there for you so please take the time to visit.
It's free to join, your first post ensures that you will be a member and theres no password entry or crap like that.
So go check it out!

Rich Impulse
I visited the site and left immediately before even looking at the forums. Why? Take it from an experienced webmaster...

The site is ugly. Sort that logo out and do something about the styling in general. Do some research on CSS, it's a wonderful tool for prettying up webpages.

Crap domain name. You won't get anywhere unless you get yourself a decent domain name, or at least a decent forwarding one.

Irritating popups. People go to boards to chat and take part - it's the most unpopular place to bombard people with big banner ads and popups. If that's more to do with the people hosting the messageboard than you, then you should seriously consider moving the board somewhere else.

Spamming other messageboards telling them to visit yours is bad marketing practice. People are more likely to visit your site if you take part in the community first.

Sorry to put your project down, I'm just handing on some practical advice :) Good luck with it all.
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