Brakes in the breakz. Name your favorite hands in the air tracks.


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Mar 30, 2003
Y'know, y'thought ya popped down to the local dnb cellar for some serious bizness and before ya knew it...
completely out of blue... the DJ drops in a dreamy break like a chunk of Galaxy before a hot sweet cup of tea!

Invisible Man - Skyliner
DJ Crystl - Warpdrive
Desired State - Beyond Bass
LTJ Bukem - Music
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis
LTJ Bukem & Peshay - 19.5
Johnny Jungle - Flammable
Artemis - Desideradi
One and Only - PFM (kruder & dorfmeister conversion)
Origin Unknown - Valley of the Shadows
St Etienne - The Sea (pfm remix)
Q-Project - The Instrumental
United - DJ SS
DJ Phantasy - The Atmosphere

Originally posted by jay walker
Dkay & Rawful - Be there 4 U

i was thinking of that track..... its quality...but i have seen it clear the dancefloor a few times in clubs....:rolleyes: ...bloody kids!!

Jeep Mix of Pacific State by 808 State...:gun:
The grooverider remix of 808 "Pacific" is hands in the air????? Ugh... right....... Yeah those forboading police sirens and fart basslines just always do it for you ehh..... Makes you all happy and fluffy yeah? Ohh brother!

01). Serotonin "Rumblism" (Kt001)
02). DJ Seduction "Come On" (FFRR *Tabx 111 was it?*)
03). Rhythm Section "Dream World" (the rhythm section label..)
04). Citadel of Chaos "Urbanity" (BP003)
05). Isotonik "Everywhere I go (Fizzy Orange Rmx)" (FFRR)

There YOU go!
A Sides - 'Helsinki Nights'
Rantoul - 'Defalt'
John B feat. Libby Picken - 'Electrofreek' (Epic Mix)
Raiden - 'Fallin'
Mathematics - 'Fantasy'
Layo + Bushwacka - 'Love Story' (DnB Remix)
Kemal - 'Let It Move You'
Tech Itch vs Kemal - 'The Calling'
Tommy Knocker - 'Stand Up'
Dylan - 'Junglist'
Sonic + Silver - 'Longboat'
Ray Keith - 'Jah Dread'
Bad Company - 'Rush Hour'
J Majik - 'Spaced Invader'

All hands in the air tracks:gslayer:
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