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Oct 15, 2004
A place where the flowers grow
Just had a thought, if you are anything like me and have shitloads of unfinshed projects you just cant finish or have no idea how to carry on, why not give em away?
We should start a thread namely this one, for a place to upload your old tunes u just dont care for anymore.
I have plenty of shit tunes that most begginers starting up would love to have as a basis to start out, the only draw back to this is it will show an insight into how u make tunes and im quite embarrased of my old stuff cause its really ameture but still thats surely a good thing to progress? you only get better. i would make a start and upload some stuff but im in spain well away from my mound of unfinished shit! lol

I have fruity loops and reason, only thing that will be a pain is having all the vst's i have etc soooooo discuss, lets here the draw backs an the positive side to this before i make a start on anythin, just an idea i had for the newbies?

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