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    Hi to all,

    I'm glad to have found this fantastic forum Wink

    We post a presentation of out live drum&bass band

    When drum'n'bass met hardcore punk

    The band is formed at the end of 2008 in the studios of the historical broadcaster Radio Lupo Solitario where the components worked as speaker or director.
    anyway they're more than just radio speakers, they're musicians with a great experience achieved despite their young age.
    Domenico Biancardi started soon his career as a producer working with the group Halmadaxx and producing "Song of Joy","The loud crash of Thunder" and "the Problem" (released by the label PEELED TRACKS). with the Stardust Crew he began his artistic fellowship with Joseph Trab and Sebastian Paolo Righi.
    The band started offering several DjSets for events, clubs and discos and creating collaborations mostly as resident.
    Sebastian and Domenico then produced Soul Love, Popular and Fly to Space, published by the Labels Superbia Records, Acuna Boys and the Family Records
    Felice Filippini instead had a different musical carrer; he started playing guitar at the age of 9 and the bass at 11. When he was 12 he formed the band dedratz with which he played for 8 years publishing 2 albums ( not a Crime (2005) and Ain't no stars tonight (2008)); featuring different styles: Punk rock, Ska, metalcore, hardcore punk. They made more than 100 shows in the northern Italy.
    When the band broke up he joined a new dance-rock projectwith the band "Madley", this new experience made him know a new world with brand new rhythms and sounds; anyway he reached the artistic 'turning point' in 2008 meeting Domenico, Sebastian and Joseph Trab.
    Mixing their different background they subvert the actual music standards; with their abilities they create different musical genres following the hardcore punk and the characteristic sound of drum'n'bass and electronic.

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